Proof that President Trump won if it had been a free and fair election:

In any normal year with only very experienced voters voting absentee, 3 percent of the mail in votes are rejected for legitimate reasons. In the November 2020 election where we had tens of millions of mail in voters who had most likely never seen a ballot in their lives, one would expect an order of magnitude INCREASE in rejected mail in ballots. It was not a free and fair election and instead, it was an order of magnitude DECREASE in rejected mail in ballots to only 0.3 percent.

Even if the rate had stayed the same at 3 percent mail in ballot rejections, All 3 close states would have flipped to Trump.

Here is the math:
2,461,8541,661,6861,610,184TrumpBoard of Elections
2,4736331,672,1431,630,866BidenBoard of Elections
11,77910,45720,682DifferenceBiden - Trump
4,935,4873,333,8293,241,050TotalBiden + Trump
2,467,7441,666,9151,620,525Mail in VotesTotal / 2
74,03250,00748,615Should have been3% X Mail In
2,68927,3274,270RejectedBoard of Elections
71,34322,68044,345Shifted to TrumpShould of Been - Board of Elections
59,56412,22323,663Trump actually won byShifted to Trump - Difference