Dominion Replacement

All future elections in the United States shall have all the names and addresses of voters by precinct available publically to everyone within 24 hours of poll closing for any given election so that neighbors can verify if they are dead, a felon, have moved, or if they claim to be living in a business, vacant lot, or burnt out building. A picture of each person must be taken, especially if the ballot box is remote, and compared to the picture on file and they must match or the ballot is rejected.

All future ballot scans in the United States shall be public domain on a public government server that anyone can access within 24 hours of close of polls and the software to tabulate votes shall be public as well and posted near every tabulating machine in the country so that any voter before, during, or after the election is allowed to visually verify on the computers themselves that the posted tabulating software is the software being used to tabulate. This tabulating software must be less than 1000 lines of code by law. An example of a tabulating software done in Java is provided here and is hereby given to the public domain: contains: creates ballots with serial numbers A complete tabulating solution done in 100 lines of code
Note that most of the 100 lines are for alignment and verifying the serial number. Only a dozen lines are needed to actually tabulate.
precinct.txt The serial number for the precinct included in the serial number for each ballot
candidates.txt File of candidates used to create ballots.
blank/1234560001.txt Sample printed ballot for precinct 123456 and first ballot.
ballots/ballot1.jpg Sample scanned ballot.

All printer/scanner hardware must be off the shelf hardware with no modifications and not be from a company that supplied hardware prior to 2021.

Here is also an example of an on screen ballot done in under 400 lines of javascript code.