2000 Mules

The ballot drop boxes in the movie were at very diverse positions that one would not generally drive to one after another. The chances of a given person going to 5 or 10 of them one right after another is virtually zero. Phone GPS is accurate to within 2 feet and so it is quite obvious that the 2,000 mules that went to 10 or more and 5 or more liberal non-profits or the 54,000 mules that went to 5 or more and 3 or more liberal non-profits were clearing going to these boxes to drop off illegal ballots.

The fact that very few of these drop boxes even had video surveillance proves how incompetent the election officials were in allowing fraudulent votes. The GPS tracking in most cases is all that the incompetent election officials left to determine if the mules were at these drop boxes but that is plenty.

For those who profess that they could have been legal votes that were illegally forwarded to mules, remember that the Trump haters absolutely went to the ballot drop boxes themselves because they wanted to make sure their vote counted. The ones that didn't even bother walking a block to put in their ballot were clearly disinterested and if not even willing to walk a block certainly did not bother to fill out the ballots they received in the mail. Someone went to their house on the day the mail man delivered their ballot and either got it out of the mailbox before they got the mail, or got it out of the trash after they threw it away, or most likely, just photocopied it to get the ballots.